Boston City FC owner Renato Valentim, head coach Palhinha, managing director Craig Tornberg, coaches and front office staff welcomed fans to an informal Supporters Summit on Monday night to outline the club’s plans for the upcoming season.

Members of the Ironsides Crew led the group, who enjoyed the hospitality of the Tavern In The Square restaurant in Allston before learning more about the club’s plans for the coming campaign and the years ahead.

National Premier Soccer League All-region defender Michael Rincon and striker Kamali Webson were on hand to give the supporters their first look at the Lions’ new custom-made New Balance shirts that will be worn by the team this season.  Several fans became the first to buy the new red shirts and also purchased 2018 season tickets.

The supporters learned more about the club’s aspirations, the progress of sister club Boston City FC Brazil, and the formation of the Under 20 team that will play in the Bay State Soccer League under coach Cesar Deossa, who met the supporters for the first time.

Coach Palhinha explained that the majority of last season’s playing squad will return, alongside some exciting new signings.

“Your support inspires them and makes them want to win for you because they see how much you care about Boston City,” he explained.  “We value your contribution and the players talk in the locker room before every match about how you’re out there ready to cheer for us, whether we’re at home or away.”

Renato Valentim told the fans: “Years from now, when we look back on the beginnings of this club, we will remember nights like this when you, our fans, helped to shape the future of Boston City FC.  We will be successful because you continue to believe in what we are doing and continue to support us as you grow in numbers.”

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