There’s nothing quite like being at a Boston City match, but if you can’t make it to this Sunday’s home clash with Greater Lowell NPSL FC at 6pm, be sure to watch live here at and join the almost 30,000 soccer fans who have tuned in to see the Lions in action the past two seasons.

Click here to watch our multi-camera production of the National Premier Soccer League match. And if you can’t tune in live, come back later and watch the replay.

Boston City’s home matches are broadcast by producer Rubinho Lima and a group of experienced cameramen and technicians, helping to bring you great coverage, which was described by some last season as the ‘Gold Standard’ of broadcasts.

The cameras first rolled at Brother Gilbert Stadium to mark the kickoff of the Lions’ second season in 2017, and every home match is now shown in high-quality and attracts a four-figure audience for some live matches, a viewership among the leading numbers in the NPSL. Boston City even takes the cameras on the road to capture highlights that are shared through social media.

“We waited until we could present a top-quality broadcast that mirrors the professional image we strive to project before we began streaming a full season into the beginning the Boston City project,” said Managing Director Craig Tornberg. “We wanted to provide different angles, slow-motion replays and in-game graphics, rather than have a volunteer standing on the bleachers filming with a smart phone.”

The announcing team in the booth consists of Warren Backman and Niko Emack-Bazelais, who are both graduates of Emerson College, which is known for its prestigious communications and broadcast department, where they played on the men’s soccer team, alongside two of last season’s announcers Duncan Bochicchio and Lucas Fischer.

Producer Rubinho Lima will continue to enhance the weekly broadcast by introducing a pregame show 15 minutes before Sunday’s 6pm kickoff and Warren and Niko will also spend halftime summarizing the events of the first forty-five minutes of action.

Be sure to tune in live, this Sunday at 6pm here at